1) What is SCGT ?
Saturday Club Global Trust is NGO working for upliftment of Maharashtrian entrepreneurs,

2) Are you registered with Government?
Yes. It is registered with Maharashtra Government & registration no. is E-26480(Mumbai) dt. 04.12.2009

3) Where is your Head Office?
Head office is at Mahim in Mumbai. Address is as follows :
9 & 10, Greenfield Premises, Raikar Marg, Kapad Bazar,
Off Sitaladevi Mandir Road, Mahim(W), Mumbai – 400016
Tel No. ; 022 – 65205849
E-mail id : saturdayclub_global2006@yahoo.co.in

4) What is your objective?
To provide a Global Business Networking Platform for Maharashtrians all over the world.

5) What is your mission?
(a) To change the mindset of Maharashtrians globally not to neglect wealth but to aspire and work hard together with all others to acquire the same. This wealth is to be used as a strength for helping the needy and struggling Maharashtrian entrepreneurs, SMES, businessmen to become successful.

(b) To change service-attitude of Maharashtrians to Entrepreneurship Business. Attitude like other business communities in India and ingrain that spirit from early youth.

(c)The motto of SCGT is to help each other so that all Maharashtrians become rich ( EKMEKA SAHAYYA KARU AVAGHE HOU SHREEMANT ).

(d) To bring all such needy & helping HIGH NETWORTH INDIVIDUALS on one platform so that GLOBAL BUSINESS NETWORKING among maharashtrians is achieved.

(e) To achieve this SATURDAY CLUBS have to be started in every configuration of such Maharashtrians and ensure that the members meet frequently ( preferably every Saturday evening or alternatively on alternate Saturday Evening ) and get closer to each other mentally, discuss and spread opportunities and requirements for mutual business & benefit...

(f) To create a very large data bank of all Maharashtrian entrepreneurs, businessmen, industrialist who can contribute to greatly increase the collective wealth of Maharashtrians to make Maharashtrian Community economically very strong and homogeneous so that it occupies its rightful place in our country.

6) What are your goals?
(a) To create an effective, vibrant and mutually beneficial network of enterprising Maharashtrians, encompassing all small and large entrepreneurs, professionals, technocrats and luminaries in various economic fields in India and across the globe.

(b) To offer encouragement and support to budding entrepreneurs engaged in various fields of economic activities. The support extended is of practical nature and effective to groom upcoming and serious entrepreneurs.

(c) To encourage self-employment and enterprise among fellow Maharashtrians and their upcoming generations and thus Create a Wealthy and Prosperous Maharashtrian Community which will network globally.

7) What is your vision?
(a) That there will be majority of Maharashtrians who will enter & excel in business so that they are no more employees but become employers.

(b) That thousands & lakhs of Maharashtrians aspire to and become crorerpatis and help other needy and struggling Maharashtrians by Business Networking to become the same.

(c) That there are large number of Venture-Capital Funds where Maharashtrian Entrepreneurs get financial support, large hospitals of maharashtrian community in Metropolitan , Two-tier cities where the poor and middle class Maharashtrians get State of art Medical Treatment at affordable cost.

(d) That the Maharashtrians help each other, help in their needy hour and not feel shy in doing so.

8) Who are your Trustees?
1) Shri M.C. Bhide, Founder & President of Saturday Club - Managing Trustee – Chief Executive of M/s. Bhide Associates (having 16 Regional offices in India).
2) Shri Ashok Dugade, Trustee(Former Executive Director of Indian Overseas Bank & Bank of Maharashtra)
3) Shri Pradeep M. Tamhane, Trustee (Managing Director, WINCOAT Colours & Coatings Pvt.Ltd.)
4) Shri Ravindra Prabhudesai,Trustee(Managing Director of Pitambari Products Pvt.Ltd.
5) Shri Ajit Marathe, Trustee(Managing Director of NIRMAN Group of Companies)

9) Who can join?
Any Maharashtrian under the Sun can join

10) What is definition of Maharashtrian?
A person who loves Maharashtrian culture, create wealth & employment in Maharashtra & can speak or understand little bit Marathi language.

11) What criteria is required to join?
Any Maharashtrian who wants to start new business, to increase existing business to next level and wish to help others to increase their business.

12) How many clubs & locations are there at present?
There are 50+ chapters spread over not only in Maharashtra, nWot only in India but in many countries of the world.

13) What is your Slogan?

14) How the Chapters are functioning?
Members of the respective chapter meet every week. They conduct the meeting in a standard format laid down by Central Office. New members are introduced. Members exchange their visiting cards and exchange business references which helps to increase their business. Clubs also arrange many events , B2B, speeches by experts , trainings etc.

15) Are you any corporate Events?
Yes every year International Conference and Business Excellence Award Function is organized preferably in a 5 star hotel

16) Are there any success stories?
There are number of success stories i.e. members are benefited by joining Saturday Club. More than 2000 members have multiplied their turnover by 5-10times

17) How many members do you have?
There are thousands of member and the number is increasing.

18) From which fields your members are?
Manufacturers, industrialists, Traders, professionals (SME) and many other. To be short members are from almost all fields.

19) When SCGT is established?

20) Is Trade Mark registered?
Yes our Trade Mark is registered with Govt. Of India.

21) Do you have web site?
Yes, it is www.scgt.org.in