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Organization Structure of the Club

SATURDAY CLUB GLOBAL TRUST is a Public Trust registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.
It has Three Tiar Management Structure :
1.Board of trustees (BOT) at the apex level.
2. Central Governing Board (CGB) which assists Board of Trustees in the day to day management of the Trust activities.
3.Various Chapters Operating at local levels.

Board of Trustees (BOT)

BoT are keeps vigil over activities of various Chapters through CGB and Central Governing Council (CGC). Board of Trustees consists of following Trustees who are luminaries from business world.

Founder & Managing Trustee

Er Madhavrao Bhide (Ex-Officio Chairman)
Mobile:+91 98923 58721
Email :


Shri Ashok Dugade
Mobile:+91 97696 40009
Email :

Shri Suresh Haware
Mobile:+91 98201 26811
Email :

Shri Ravindra Prabhudesai
Mobile:+91 98201 26811
Email :

Dr Er Ajit Marathe
Mobile:+91 98212 15399

Mr Pradeep M. Tamhane
Mobile:+91 98200 45109
Email :

Shri Vijay Paranjape
Mobile:+91 98202 83951
Email :


The day to day management of the Trust is administered by the CGB. CGB is entrusted by the BoT with powers to perform all such acts and things which are incidental and conductive to the attainment of the objects of the club.
The Central Governing Board consists of following members:
Ex-officio Chairman : Managing Trustee Er.Madhavrao Bhide

Mr Subhash Gore
(Joint Secretary Vidarbh Region)

Mobile : +91 9822466822
Email :

Mr Sangram Limaye(Joint Secretary - Dhule, Jalgaon & Nandurbar)
Mobile : +91 9881249394 /+91 8007711000
Email :

Dr Santosh Kamerkar
(Joint Secretary - Raigad)

Mobile : +91 7303445454

Mr Shrikrishna Patil(Joint Secretary - Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur & Solapur)
Mobile : +91 9773579900

Mr Rajendra Dighule(Joint Secretary - Aurangabad, Jalna & Beed)
Mobile : +91 9423448116

Mr Vijay Sonavane
(Joint Secretary - Event)

Mobile : +91 9920204727

Mr Vinit Bansode(Training Mentoring & Domestic Business Team)
Mobile : +91 9223246194

Mr Satish Pol(International Business Team)
Mobile : +91 9867273468


CGC consist of Chapter Heads and the Chairman, Secretary of the CGB and Treasurer of the Trust. Following are the functions of the CGC: -
1. It acts as a link between CGB and members of various Chapters.
2. It ensures that various decisions taken by the CGB are properly understood and implemented by the Chapters.
3. It suggests avenues and activities for furtherance of the objectives of the Trust.
4. It propagates various activities undertaken by the Trust.